Branding & Design

No matter what industry you’re in… No matter how much you strategize or innovate… It all comes back to branding. Because let’s face it:

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Some of our Branding & Design Solutions include:

• Identity Development

• Product Naming

• Brand Language, Phrasing, and Philosophy

• Logo Design

• Collateral Design and Printing

• Mobile Applications: NET can create mobile applications that provide yet another engaging touch-point in the  branding process, including optimizing your website to function better on mobile devices including iPhones and Blackberrys.

• Blog Design: Our designers create blogs that promote seamless communication and interaction with your consumers. With a custom blog from NET, posts and responses are updated faster, consumer engagement is enhanced, and updates from social sites and live feeds are connected in an instant. Branding is maintained and controlled, boosting your company’s credibility and expert status. In the end, your blog will serve as a valuable tool for more effective two-way conversations between your business and your consumers.

• Web design: Today’s websites are so much more than virtual spaces of information—they are essential consumer hubs, providing seamless, engaging brand experiences and on-demand interactive content. A well-designed, well-linked consumer-centric website can boost chatter, increase credibility, extend reach, and send opportunities for both online and offline sales soaring.

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